We have access to all of the Vegas shows, night life and an array of things to do in the day. Whether you’re hitting the day clubs, Gun store, Helicopter trips, exploring lake Mead, Hover Dam, or Red Rock Canyon.

Las Vegas Attractions Firing Ranges

Las Vegas Gun Firing Ranges

Whether you’re a fan of movies with classic gun scenes such as Rambo or Scareface or “Shoot ’em up” video games, we can recommend firing ranges which will make you feel like a real action hero!

Las Vegas Attractions Lake Mead

Lake Mead

Lake Mead is one of the largest man-made lakes in the world and provides a fun escape from the city being located less an hour’s drive southeast of the Strip. Visitors are able to swim, boat, water-ski, fish or kayak in the waters and even hike around in the surrounding area.

Las Vegas Attractions Mount Charleston

Mount Charleston

If you want to escape the desert, take a 35 mile drive northwest of Vegas to Mount Charleston. Here you will enjoy towering pine trees, a cool mountain breezes and various animals such as wild burros, birds, deer and desert tortoises.

Las Vegas Attractions Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon

Discover the Red Rock Canyon with its beautiful shades of red just 15 miles west of Las Vegas. This is an impressive location where you will find the towering red cliffs full of wildlife, including burros, rabbits, coyotes, mountain lions and more!.

You can also drive the 13-mile scenic loop for photo and hiking opportunities and enjoy a drive the through Red Rock Conservation Area.

Las Vegas Attractions Valley Of Fire

Valley of Fire

The Valley of Fire is named for its fiery red sandstone, this location offers breathtaking views and some of the oldest natural rock formations known to mankind. It is located about an hour drive north of the Las Vegas Strip, Valley of Fire is considered Nevada’s oldest state park.

Las Vegas Attractions Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

The world famous Grand Canyon is one of the seven natural wonders of the world and not one to be missed!

It is located about a four to five-hour drive from Las Vegas, while a helicopter ride is less than an hour.

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